We have new things at PRIXTON to tell you about. When we have new products on the market and we know you are going to love them we want to tell you all about them. PRIXTON HAS ELECTRIC SCOOTERS! What do you think? We have actually got two models out: Eco Urban Scooter and Eco City Scooter.

Change your way of getting around! You don’t have to go running from one place to another. With our electric scooters you can get across town quickly, safely and easily. The hard-wearing wheels will take you anywhere you want with no trouble. Safety is a prime concern, so they have electric brakes on the front wheel and disc brakes at the back, with their corresponding lights. All the information from the electric scooter is shown on an LCD screen, so you always know how fast you are going. It can be folded away for comfortable transport and storage. What could be easier than that?

Why a scooter? There are lots of reasons. They are a clean form of alternative transport. More and more people are using them every day, for work and for pleasure. How about another reason? What about sightseeing in another city with your electric scooter?


Technical characteristics Electric Scooter Eco Urban / Eco City

  • High-strength wheel 6.5″ / 8,5″ 
  • Engine power 250W – 350W / 350W-400W 
  • Included 4000mAh 24V battery / 6000mAh 26V
  • 10 km range on a single charge / 18km
  • Maximum speed 24 km/h / 25 km/h
  • Electric front brake and rear disc brake, Front shock absorber, Rugged anti-slip platform / Electric front brake and rear disc brake, Front shock absorber, Rugged anti-slip platform
  • LCD display with information on speed, range, distance, etc
  • LED front light and rear brake light
  • High-strength aluminium material
  • Foldable for easier transport and storage
  • Weighs 9.9kg / 12.5kg
  • Dimensions of 106x42x97cm / 105.4×43.6x48cm (folded), 105.4×43.6x115cm (unfolded)


Why not?

Buy Eco Urban buy eco city

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